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The Papanicolaou test (curtailed as Pap test, otherwise called Pap smear, cervical smear, cervical screening or smear test) is a strategy for cervical screening used to distinguish conceivably pre-harmful and carcinogenic procedures in the cervix.


Conception prevention, otherwise called contraception and richness control, is a technique or gadget used to forestall pregnancy.

Administrations accessible:

Long-acting reversible contraception, for example, the embed or intra uterine gadget (IUD)

Hormonal contraception ( preventative pills)

Crisis contraception: the crisis preventative pill (ECP) or a copper IUD.

Different strategies infusions, intra dermal gadgets

Tubal ligation ( family arranging) laparoscopic, smaller than usual entry point procedures


Barrenness is the powerlessness of the couple to consider and have an infant notwithstanding attempting. In 33% of the cases are because of issues with the ladies, in 33% of cases there happens issues with the male accomplice, though the rest of the cases are because of a blend of male and female elements. Fruitlessness ought to be examined right on time to maintain a strategic distance from its irreversibility as maturing of the female accomplice definitely lessens the probabilities of pregnancy. Likewise certain conditions like tuberculosis or endometriosis continue progressing if not treated early.

Examination of the causes in both the accomplices

Laparoscopy to analyze the causes in the female accomplice

Treatment of fruitlessness with drugs

Ovulation enlistment

Intra Uterine Insemination

Microsurgery of fallopian tubes when included

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